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Rasheed Williams, who was born on September 14, 1976 to a mother he never knew, spent his childhood in a foster home just south of Commonwealth Blvd, in South Bayside, Queens. He was one of four kids in the home, much younger than the others, and was constantly beat down by the other kids in the house. He and soon proved his worth on the street though and quickly gained respect from the others and an initiation into the CBC gang.

Williams' foster mom was a former Motown backup singer, but her musical talent quickly went to waste once she turned to drugs. She worked as a runner for a neighborhood drug dealer and took Rasheed in only because she was a former friend of his mother. Her only contribution to Rasheed was that she taught him guitar at a young age. At age 13, Rasheed started playing rap shows for money under the name Ra-SHEE. It was in those teen years that he befriended his nephew Ali, the son of his sister, and soon taught the young Ali the ways of the street.

At 18, Rasheed got word that his natural mother lived in Atlanta. He sold his foster mom's guitar for money to get there, but a reunion was not to be. Instead, he found a brother. Yes, this brother was blood, but he was also in fact an actual Blood. Things turned ugly and Rasheed received three months in prison on assault charges.

Frustrated when he got out, Rasheed came back to Queens, caught up with Ali and the duo started putting Ali's rhymes to music. An astonished Ali once said "damn kid, your lines are so smooth and always on the money," after listening to one of Rasheed's early guitar hooks. The name E.Money Smooth was born.

Further collaboration was soon put on hold however, as various other assaults landed Williams in and out of jail for the next four years. But it was there that Williams met percussionist and fellow gangsta, Nat Kingsley, who started dropping beats to Rasheed's rhythms. A bond was born when Kingsley rushed to William's aid in an inmate brawl. "He got my back that day, and just in time too. I got sliced in the chest after I beat a guy down. I can't breathe so good sometimes, but I can still play." In 2003, at the age of 26, Williams teamed up with Ali and Kingsley and formed a groundbreaking acoustic rap band.

Williams enjoys watching the Lakers and the Dodgers, malt liquor and gettin' busy.