Beneath the Sea 2004 - 28th Annual Exposition - Presenters
Host of the Largest Consumer Scuba & Dive Travel Show in America
March 26, 27, 28 - 2004
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Michael R. Ange
Capt. Mike Ange is Technical Editor for Rodale's SCUBA Diving, International Training Director for Emergency Response Diving International, Senior Training Advisor for TDI and owner of SEAduction Dive Services. A published author, photojournalist, Advanced Diver Medic (IBUM), and USCG Licensed Master, Mike is an experienced expedition diver including the U.S.S. Monitor ('96 & '97) and the Sub-Aquatic Survivor Expedition sponsored by Skin Diver Magazine in 2002. He holds numerous instructor trainer certifications including TRIMIX, various Rebreathers and Technical Wreck. Mike authored TDI's Advanced Wreck Manual, ERDI's ERD1 Manual (coauthor), and SDI's Diving Leadership Manual.

Sub-Aquatic Survivor Project Becomes Tech Diver's Boot Camp
The reality concept gets wet! A simple project designed to give divers an opportunity to test their abilities in diving's ultimate challenges. Originating in 2002, the project brought 18 advanced recreational divers together for an intense technical training program culminating in Advanced TRIMIX certification and participation in a magazine photo expedition. The catch - only six divers could make it to the final cut. See the outcome and learn about the new project for 2004 with coverage by Rodale's SCUBA Diving.

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Rick Allen
The co-founder of NAUTILUS PRODUCTIONS, freelance producer and videographer has been diving the oceans of the world and shooting video Since 1983. As a video producer, director and videographer his work has appeared on A&E, ABC, CBS, Discovery, The Learning Channel, 48 Hours, ESPN, Fox Sports and more. He has followed SWAT teams through the door on drug busts, landed on and been shot off aircraft carriers, weathered live broadcasts during hurricanes and much more. Allen has traveled from Cuba to Kazakstan with the 82nd Airborne and worked side by side with 9 foot Sand Tiger Sharks during underwater expeditions.

"Wreck Dive"
Go back in time nearly 60 years and find out why the East Coast was called torpedo alley. Visit the bones of a German U-boat and the casualties of German submarines in this historical and underwater video produced for Turner South.

"Shark Hunt"
Join a shark researcher R. Aidan Martin as he goes on a shark hunt in North Carolina's waters. Will they find a Great White or some other underwater denizen? Tune in to find out on this piece originally produced for Turner South's Liars & Legends.

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Alex Antoniou
Dr. Antoniou has been studying sharks for the Shark Research Institute as their Director of Field Operations. He travels to places such as Honduras, Baja California and the Galapagos Islands in search of sharks. He is an avid scuba diver and underwater videographer. His passion is to shoot and produce marine life videos and documentaries. More recently, he learned how to fly a micro light aircraft that is used to spot whale sharks from high above.

Shark Awareness Certification
The Shark Research Institute has recently updated the Shark Awareness Program for Stuart Cove's Dive Resort in Nassau Bahamas. The new program features a completely new video and an accompanying interactive CD. This new program takes individuals through the world of sharks, their behavior, value and their distribution. The state of shark conservation is also addressed and the modern day research that is being conducted to study these incredible creatures.

Shark Symposium
Join a team of shark experts as they share their experiences with sharks. Issues that will be discussed include, research, conservation, eco-tourism, shark feeding dives and everything else you wanted to know about sharks. Myths and misconceptions will be laid to rest. It will be demonstrated to you that sharks are not the mindless killing and eating machine that the media portrays them to be. Sharks are vital to the survival of the marine eco-system, they need our protection.

Saving the Sharks of The Galapagos Marine Preserve
A new government in Ecuador is threatening the survival of the Galapagos Marine Preserve. More and more poaching in taking place and the need is at it greatest level to protect the sharks found in the preserve. This presentation will demonstrate the current situation and the work that the Shark Research Institute is undertaking to help the authorities with their protection efforts. However, research may not be enough to stem the tide. What can you do to help?

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Bill Beard
The true pioneer of scuba diving in Costa Rica. Bill started diving in Costa Rica in 1970 from dug out canoes. He was the first working instructor and had the first professional dive shop in the country. Bill has many firsts to his credit, including first NITROX instructor and combining scuba diving and adventure tours for individuals and groups. Bill is a multi-agency instructor and made his first tank dive in 1954.

Costa Rica Adventure
Costa Rica scuba diving and adventure tours with an emphasis on combining the two in a package to maximize vacation time. Underwater and topside photos of resorts, animals, river rafting, tree top canopy and the flora and fauna of the countryside will be shown. There will be a question and answer period and door prizes.

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Steve Bielenda
Captain Stephen W. Bielenda started diving in 1959 and owns the research vessel WAHOO. A Coast Guard licensed Merchant Marine Officer for 27 years. Steve is the past president of the Eastern Dive Boat Association. Lecturer and show producer and diving expert witness, Steve was the Team leader of the first USS Monitor dive expedition and has lead 35 Andrea Doria expeditions. He rediscovered the SS Republic, which sank in 1909 with an alleged 300 million in gold half eagles aboard. He is also a consultant to the Westchester Medical Center Hyperbaric Center, and a Board member of NAUI technical diving committee.

Wahoo Ship Wreck Series; USS Tarpon
An un-believable dive on this American submarine sunk off the North Carolina coast in 140 feet surrounded by abundant marine life including sharks, this program will give you the feeling you are making the dive circumventing the entire wreck in crystal clear water. This program will excite divers and non-divers alike.

Wahoo Ship Wreck Series; USS Monitor
The sea battle of the USS Monitor and Merrimack changed the way other nations fought sea battles after this battle. The USS Monitor sank in a storm off the North Carolina coast in 240 feet seawater, and remained untouched for more than a century in 1985 a group of divers requested permission of NOAA to dive the wreck and after a 5year battle the Federal court allowed sport divers to dive the wreck. This program will bring you to the wreck and see what even NOAA had not seem until we dove the wreck and recorded the remains after one hundred twenty years, This video is a documentation of her remains before the Navy salvage.

Wahoo Dive Accident Management Series III
Dive accident management III, show dive incidents including helicopter evacuation, and a chamber ride including a detailed discussion and actual diver problems as they were happening. This video will make you think about how you dive and what you should do incase of a problem situation arising. Make a Plan, Dive Your Plan and what to do if something goes wrong.

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Jonathan Bird
Jonathan Bird is a professional underwater cinematographer and photographer. He has shot and produced over 20 films for broadcast and education. His films have appeared all over the world, on networks such as PBS, ABC, USA Network, Discovery and even the SciFi Channel. He has won many awards for his television work, including two Emmy Awards and the Cine Golden Eagle. He has published three coffee-table books, Beneath the North Atlantic, 1997, Shadows and Light, 2003 and Adventures With Sharks, 2003. He has published articles and images in hundreds of magazines, calendars and books.

Big Animal Encounters in the Northern Galapagos
Imagine a dive trip where you encounter hammerheads, whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, Galapagos sharks and vast schools of fish. Now imagine a trip where you encounter these animals on a single dive. Welcome to the incredible diving of Darwin Island, Galapagos. Although the island itself isn't much to look at, the underwater scene is unsurpassed. No place else on Earth can match the excitement of diving the northern Galapagos. Jonathan Bird takes you on a trip to Darwin that will leave you drooling uncontrollably.

Diving the Coral Reef of the North
It's a well-kept secret that the northeast has excellent diving, but even those "in the know" often do not know where the very best diving is. If marine life is your game, then diving in Passamaquoddy Bay in Maine is the place to go. In this exciting presentation, photographer Jonathan Bird spills the beans on the place that is so colorful; he calls it the "coral reef of the north." The massive tides in this bay allow enormous quantities of invertebrates and fish to survive. Like Puget Sound in the West, Passamaquoddy Bay is an underwater photographer's dream, only a 6-hour drive from Boston.

Surefire Shark Encounters
Being fascinated with big animals, particularly sharks, Jonathan Bird has traveled all over the world to photograph sharks in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, sharks can be unreliable as photographic subjects. Join Jonathan as he examines some of the best places to reliably photograph sharks from New England to the Caribbean to the Galapagos. Jonathan presents images and experiences photographing Whale sharks, Blue sharks, Sand Tiger sharks, Hammerhead sharks, and several other species. Signed copies of Jonathan's new book Adventures With Sharks will be available.

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Donna L. Blaszcak
Donna is a serious amateur photographer, a biologist and a naturalist. She enjoys the challenge of photographing and identifying the various species of marine life encountered while diving along the NJ coast. She has been photographing the underwater world since 1971 and studied marine biology while attending Florida Institute of Technology. While earning her degree at Monmouth University, she worked at the Sandy Hook Marine Laboratory where she learned how to identify benthic marine invertebrates.

New Jersey's Shipwrecks And Their Inhabitants
This program is a multi-media slide show to three of NJ's shipwrecks. Using dual synchronized slide projectors, with background music and narration, the viewer will learn about each ship and how she wrecked. Then we will visit the wreck, as she is today - with her numerous marine inhabitants.

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Glenn J. Butler
Glenn Butler has over 40 years diving. He began teaching with Fran Gaar and Al Boehm at the Aqua-Lung School of NY in 1966. In 1971 He joined Bill Hamilton's diving research group at Union Carbide - Ocean Systems as an experimental diver working with Neon and TriMix rapid compressions to 1000 feet. Glenn worked the North Sea as a saturation diving supervisor and 1980 developed the North American Hyperbaric Center to teach deep diving. Glenn's company, Life Support Technologies provides consulting services to NASA, the Military and operates hospital based Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Centers.

"RMS- "REPUBLIC" Salvage
In the summer of 1986, 37 men sailed from City Island NY about the salvage vessel "TWINDRILL" to the last known location of the RMS REPUBLIC which had sunk in 1909 following a collision with the vessel SS "FLORIDA". Sixty miles south of the Nantucket Light- this team of explorers put 4 men in Helium / Oxygen saturation and spent 12-16 hours per day diving on the wreck. The crew also used submarines and robot vehicles to probe the wreck and document thousands of rare artifacts including a working Edison light bulb. The REPUBLIC was the first ship to utilize the Marconi radio in an emergency and the first ship to be electrified with Edison lights. 3 people were killed in the initial collision- more than 1,600 souls were transferred first to the FLORIDA and then to the BALTIC that had been summoned by radio. All came ashore safely. The ship carried some of the world leading businessmen and their families- some of whom would later be killed on the "TITIANIC" The entire 2nd class quarters were filled with provisions for the US Navy's "Great White Fleet" stopped in Genoa Italy to help survivors of the great earthquake. This "Uneventful" disaster allowed J.P. Morgan- Owner of the White Star line to suppress the Navy and Congress attempts to require a lifeboat seat for each person permitted to arrive by ship into the US. This law would greatly reduce Morgan's income from "steerage" passengers that were kept in the holds of the ship- and not even permitted on deck.

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Bernie Chowdhury
Is the founder, publisher, and editor of "IMMERSED: the international diving magazine" which is now in its ninth year of publishing. His award winning, first book, The Last Dive has received critical acclaim, and is available in nine foreign languages, and two audiotape versions. He has been a Fellow of the Explorers Club since 1995 and carried the Explorers Club flag on his Icelandic Cave Diving Expedition. Bernie Chowdhury was named Beneath the Sea's "2001 Diver of the Year - Education."

Safety First: Lessons from The Last Dive
This entertaining slide and video presentation balances humor with the somber as we examine lessons learned from the world of wreck and cave diving, as described in Bernie Chowdhury's book, The Last Dive (HarperCollins Publishers), with emphasis on how all divers can be safer. Whatever depth you dive, getting yourself back safely should be your primary concern. Yet divers too often become focused on their goals, let down their guard, and become complacent of the dangers involved, with dire consequences. Slides and video.

Four (4) panelists will include a representative of the Maritime Archaeology and Historical Society (MAHS); a local wreck charter boat captain; a representative of ShipREX International (advocates of open access to shipwrecks), and a diver who has worked successfully with government agencies and archeologists on a commercial treasure salvage project. Access to shipwrecks is becoming ever more controversial. Worldwide and regional legislation and independent actions have moved ever closer to completely eliminating diver access to shipwrecks without permits or direct supervision by government representatives and/or archaeologists. How can divers continue to have access to shipwrecks? Can a compromise be reached between the various interest groups that would protect everyone's interests and still allow divers the freedom to explore shipwrecks? Come and hear this panel of experts tell their views, and let you know what future they see for diver's access to shipwrecks.

Scapa Flow Wreck Update
Scapa Flow, in Scotland's Orkney Islands, is Europe's wreck diving Mecca. The main diving attraction continues to be the remnants of the German World War I High Seas Fleet, which fought in that war's major naval conflict, the Battle of Jutland. Several controversial British war ships are also in and around Scapa Flow. Some have long been protected as war graves, while others have only recently come under protection and are now off-limits to divers. This update will draw on Bernie's twelve trips to Orkney, including his expedition with the British Army.

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Captain Dan Crowell
Dan Crowell is a professional diver, videographer and Skipper of the most famous dive boats in the world, SEEKER. A commercial diver, technical diving IT, a scientific diver for Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Science, and president of Deep Explorers, Inc. Dan has been exploring the shipwrecks of the Northeast and around the world for nearly two decades and is a pioneer of technical diving in the region. As an award winning filmmaker, he set a goal of telling many of these forgotten tails of tragedy at sea. Dan is the Director of Photography for Seeker Digital Productions and Director of Underwater Photography for KPI, one of three production companies working on the History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives series.

A War Apart
It's the height of World War II and Japan has extended her Empire across the Pacific, banishing the US from its naval outpost at Guam after almost 50 years. But the US fights back. In August 1943, the American submarine USS Snapper spies a 5,000 ton Japanese freighter-the Tokai Maru-well inside the protected harbor at Guam. From 1500 yards outside the harbor, it torpedoes the ship. But that is only the beginning of the story. As the Tokai Maru sinks to the bottom of Guam's harbor, she slams into another ship, a German cruiser scuttled a war earlier, breaking open a lost chapter of history.

USS Murphy Project
In August 2000 Captain Dan Crowell discovered a US WWII destroyer's forward half sunk off the New Jersey coast in 260 feet of seawater (fsw). The bow of the USS Murphy DD-603 who on October 21st 1943 collided with US tanker SS Bulkoil. The destroyer was cut in two; the forward half sank in minutes taking 35 men with it. The stern half remained afloat and was towed back to New York to be refitted with a new bow. According to naval records the Murphy never sank, but was only damaged and then repaired. After being refitted with a new bow, bridge and superstructure the pugnacious destroyer would continue on her career through many historic missions and battles earning her four battles stars by wars end. After hearing the stories from many of the former crew, we have affectionately nicknamed the Murphy, the Forrest Gump of destroyers. This is a tale that needs to be told before there is no one left to tell it. To undertake this task Crowell has joined forces with author, Kevin McMurray, to tell this unique story and to immortalize a small group of courageous men who helped formulate the greatest generation.

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Jack & Sue Drafahl
They are a husband and wife team of professional undersea journalists, lecturers and multimedia producers. Their articles have appeared in Skin Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Training, Diver, Petersen's Photographic, Rangefinder, and Focus on Imaging, Outdoor Photographer, National Geographic World, National Wildlife Federation and Cousteau magazines. They have been involved in the digital transition since the early 80's and are software and hardware Beta testers for companies like Adobe, Applied Science Fiction, Corel and Ulead Systems. Jack and Sue started their professional photographic careers at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California. The both received their diving certification in the early '70s and are Platinum Pro 5000 divers. Jack and Sue were awarded Divers of the Year from Beneath the Sea in 1996. Sue is an inaugural member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and now serves as a Trustee. Their audiovisual presentations have been shown at underwater film festivals from coast to coast and they produce award presentations for numerous diving organizations. Jack and Sue make their home on the Oregon coast and enjoy teaching seminars worldwide on all aspects of photography, both topside and underwater. In addition to their various month articles, Jack and Sue have written four books - Digital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer, Photo Salvage with Adobe Photoshop, Step-by-step Basic Digital and Advanced Digital Camera Techniques.

Taking The Plunge Into Digital
This seminar would give a guiding hand when selecting the right equipment for digital photography. It will also show the basics on getting started once you make your purchase.

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Michael N. Emmerman
Michael N Emmerman is the Director of the Special Operations Support Group, a not-for-profit organization providing research and operational support to law enforcement and public safety agencies. Mike is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner, and a Diplomat of the American College of Forensic Examiners. Mike is also a Hon. Deputy Chief of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) assigned to the NYPD Medical Division, and an advisor to the NYPD Scuba Team. He also serves as President of the Undrsea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Northeast Chapter. Mike has been diving for more than 40 years, and is an instructor or instructor-trainer with several training agencies within the diving community. Most of all, Mike loves to dive!

The Rules of Diving - What To Believe, What Not To Believe!
Mike Emmerman will discuss the current state of knowledge within the diving community about issues such as decompression illness and dive safety protocols, You may be surprised to learn how much of what we believe to be "proven guidelines" for diving protocols are really based on "consensus opinion" rather than scientific proof.

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Dennis Gagnon
Dennis Gagnon retired from education, is 30 a year diver and U/W photographer. His love of the ocean has taken him to the Red Sea, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with his most recent stop the Great Barrier and the Coral Sea. In 2000 he was recognized by the Council for Elementary Science International, a Division Affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association as The Elementary Principal of the Year for his leadership in Science Ed. He has given over 200 presentations to groups from Early Childhood through adult. He has been one of several volunteer directors of Our World-Underwater for 23 years and is show's Program Director.

The SS Yongala And The Coral Sea - Always A Thrill For Divers
Enjoy the amazing diversity of this area and the shipwreck SS Yongala, which sank in 1911 taking 121 lives; discovered in 1947 and again in 1958, it has given the sport diver spectacular ecosystem destination, which is difficult to beat.

Easy and Enjoyable Wrecks for the Novice and Experienced Diver
Discover the joy of wreck diving by starting out on wrecks that are easy to dive and provide great satisfaction. Join Gagnon on the "warm water" wrecks such as the St. Anthony in Maui, the St George in the Dominican Republic, wrecks of the Bahamas and Caribbean and the SS Yongala of the Coral Sea. Discover what they contribute to life in the ocean.

Easy And Enjoyable Wrecks For The Novice And Experienced Diver
Discover the joy of wreck diving by starting out on wrecks that are easy to dive and provide great satisfaction. Join Gagnon on the "warm water" wrecks such as the St. Anthony in Maui, the St George in the Dominican Republic, wrecks of the Bahamas and Caribbean and the SS Yongala of the Coral Sea. Discover what they contribute to life in the ocean.

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Michel Gilbert & Danielle Alary
Owners of SUB-IMAGES, a photography and digital multi-image production company, Michel and Danielle have been involved together in diving for more than 25 years. Award winning speakers, writers and photographers, they have published more than 475 articles in various publications related to diving, travel and sailing. They are underwater photography columnists for Diver Magazine. They have received, among other distinctions, the Canadian Diving Achievement Award (Canada East) in 1991 and the Diver of the Year Award for the Arts at Beneath the Sea in New-York, in 1995. In 1997, they won the coveted Silver Diver Award at the Antibes World Festival of Underwater Images. In 2001, Danielle was inducted in the Women Divers Hall Of Fame. In 2003, Danielle & Michel won a Grand Prize; awarded by the Ministry of Tourism in Quebec, for a permanent exhibit presentation entitled Ice Haven.

The Turks & Caicos That You Have Not Seen
Discover an incredible destination in the Caribbean. Visit 6 islands, learn about the musts that nobody talks about and experience diving on fabulous reefs with a few surprises: want to pet a shark, a grouper, a turtle or an angelfish in the same week... or dive amongst Caribbean reef sharks that are not brought there through feeding... come and dive with us as we explore the Turks and Caicos you have not seen.

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Martha Watkins Gilkes
The author of Insight Travel Guide to Antigua, a Divers Guide to the Caribbean and Shipwrecks of the Caribbean, Gilkes is a PADI Master Instructor. She is a Platinum Pro 5000 Hour Diver, a fellow member of the Explorers Club and a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. For 20 years she worked as an underwater model and assistant to Stan Waterman. Based in Antigua She owns and operates FANTA Sea Island Divers and As President of the Eastern Caribbean Safe Diving Association in Barbados was as instrumental in obtaining the first decompression chamber for the Eastern Caribbean. She has served as the Diving Liaison officer for the Historical Society since 1990.

Shipwrecks Of The Caribbean
A walk down memory lane in the history of sunken shipwrecks takes the viewer on a tour of shipwrecks on the islands of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, Turks and Caicos, The US Virgin Islands and St Vincent and the Grenadines. 141 shipwrecks are covered, giving the history in as much detail as possible. The wreck sites range from the very ancient wrecks such as the HMS SANTA MONICA, a 28 gun British frigate, sunk off of St Johns Us Virgin Islands, in1782, to more modern day wrecks intentionally sunk as scuba diving sites. This visual presentation takes the viewer on a "behind the scenes" look at the writing of SHIPWRECKS OF THE CARIBBEAN with colorful photos to illustrate the many diving sites visited.

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Commander René Suzan Hernandez
Commander Renč Hernandez, Ph.D. started diving in 1971. As a crewmember of the oceanographic research vessel, NOAA Ship Oceanographer, she became a NOAA Diver in 1976. She went on to receive a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and joined the Navy's Medical Service Corps in 1988. She now integrates neuroscience with her love for diving as a Research Physiologist, for the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, MD in the Operational and Undersea Medicine Department

US Navy Research--Hyperbaric Oxygen Toxicity: What Is It, What Causes It, And Can It Be Prevented?
Central nervous system hyperbaric oxygen toxicity most commonly manifests as tonic-clonic seizure activity in people breathing 100% oxygen under pressure. To understand the effects of 100% oxygen on the brain, a tissue culture model of neurons susceptible to seizure activity was developed (seizure in a dish), and is used determine what drugs may prevent or reverse this effect. Until the cause is understood, can we at least predict seizure onset in working Navy Special Operations Divers? We're getting close.

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Peter E. Hess
Peter E. Hess is an Attorney and advocate for underwater explorers seeking access and / or salvage rights to historic shipwreck. He has dived the Spanish treasure galleon Atocha, the Civil War ironclad U.S.S. Monitor, and the Italian luxury liner Andrea Doria. Peter is now defending diver's rights internationally against a proposed treaty declaring all the world's shipwrecks to be exclusively governmental property. He is on the Board of Directors of the Explorers Club.

Finders, Keepers In The New Millennium?
A Second World War Corsair Fighter Airplane, found deep in the frigid waters of Maine's Sebago Lake. A B-29 Flying Fortress Bomber, inexplicably discovered more than 200 feet beneath Lake Mead, Nevada. An opulent 1929 passenger liner, SS ALEUTIAN, located by divers in remote Uyak Bay, Kodiak Island, Alaska Join admiralty attorney and technical diver Peter Hess as we explore three of the most significant underwater finds of the new millennium. But in each instance, the finders face not only underwater challenges, but also a legal battle for the right to document and recover the sunken aircraft or shipwreck. Can finders still be keepers in the 21st century?

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Amy Houghton
Amy Houghton became a PADI certified scuba diver at the age of ten. By nineteen she earned her dive master's in Cozumel, Mexico. After graduating from DePauw University, she obtained a United States Treasury license in 1998 and with her father, began the first of twelve trips diving around the island of Cuba. Using shore diving, various boat diving, live aboard, and even dives from the Cuban Marine Research vessel (Felipe Puoy), she explored and wrote about the twenty one major diving regions around the 3,200 kilometers of coastline. She compiled her research in an easy to read, full color guidebook: CUBA SCUBA. She can show you how to dive anywhere in Cuba---legally! Ms. Houghton has a master's degree in International Business and resides in Tampa Bay, Florida where she is working to create a non-profit organization to help protect the reefs of Cuba.

Ever wonder what the forbidden fruit of Cuba tastes like? What if you could get a glimpse of one of the most pristine areas in the Caribbean? Experience whale sharks; nesting sea turtles; ancient shipwrecks; thousands of migrating lobsters; fabulous plunging coral walls; hundreds of silky sharks; goliath groupers; tarpon; and even ten foot bull sharks being hand fed! See it all and learn about the diving operations, when to go, who to see, and insights on how to get there.

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Ken Knezick
Ken Knezick is owner and President of Island Dreams Travel in Houston, Texas. He has logged more than 2800 scuba dives and thousands of hours underwater, quite literally around the world. From the Caribbean to the Pacific, his travels include most of the world's great diving destinations. Since 1983, he has served as Executive Director of Houston's SEASPACE Exposition, is past President of Houston International Diver's Club, and is a founding member of both the Houston Underwater Photographic Society, and G.R.E.A.T., the Gulf Reef Environmental Action Team. At DEMA 2003, Ken was honored with induction into the SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Society. An accomplished underwater photographer, when not actually underwater, Ken enjoys writing short stories, travelogues, and presenting seminars and workshops at dive shows around the U.S.A. A member of Mensa, Ken Knezick has made Houston, Texas his home base since 1977.

A Neophyte Dives Into Digital Underwater Photography
This program includes the description and display of various digital camera, housing, and strobe options, plus the screening of a variety of digital photographs and even some full motion video produced by the digital camera. Photographic techniques specific to digital photography are considered, as well equipment selection strategies and a consideration of the future of digital photography as further equipment enhancements enter the market.

A Divemaster Shares his Secrets - Tips for Enhancing the Safety, Comfort, and Enjoyment of your Openwater Scuba Diving
Everyone from beginners to old mossbacks can learn from, and contribute to, this fast moving and timely presentation. Topics include dive equipment, boat etiquette, the Buddy System, air consumption, swimming techniques, safely dealing with changing water and surface conditions, diving with cameras, avoiding DSC, and much, much more. Ken Knezick, NAUI Divemaster #000230, relies on his own wide ranging experience (2800+ logged dives and counting), while inviting the audience to share their own hard-earned tips and secrets for diving success.

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Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg
The husband-and-wife team of Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg has been exploring shipwrecks for several years. Cris has been taking underwater photographs and has written over 200 magazines articles and nine books about shipwrecks since 1982. Joan, a fitness instructor, personal trainer and underwater model, is president of a maritime books publishing company. Both Cris and Joan have history degrees, a lifelong love of ships, and a fascination with exploring shipwrecks.

Shipwreck Alley: Thunder Bay Disasters
Lake Huron shipping lanes, extremely busy 130 years ago, passed Thunder Bay, off Alpena, Michigan, a storm belt with frequent fogs, the cause of many maritime losses. Explore shipwrecks in and near NOAA's new Great Lakes Underwater Sanctuary, including the steel freighter Grecian, the unlucky steamer Montana, and fantastically preserved deep shipwrecks such as the schooners Perseverance and the F.T. Barney. And much more!

Shipwreck Tales Of The Great Lakes
The most dramatic stories of Great Lakes shipwrecks tinged with murder, mystery, deception and mayhem, plus underwater photography, will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Tales include startling new revelations about the schooners George A. Marsh and the Explorer, the steamer Reutan that helped build Chicago after it wrecked, and the fabled Griffon, lost on her maiden voyage in 1679. This presentation is based on Cris Kohl's newest book, Shipwreck Tales of the Great Lakes.

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Al Kulhawik
Al's love for the water started when he was twelve years old with a voit mask, fins and a ping pond type snorkel. He became a certified diver in 1973, diving in the northeast. In 1982 he took his first trip to the Caribbean and since then he has been hooked on dive travel. For the past eighteen years he has been traveling to different dive destinations around the world. He never dives without a camera, hoping to capture beautiful and unusual creatures on film. His photographs have been published in Discover Diver Magazine and he gives presentations to various dive clubs and shows throughout the northeast.

The Huge World Of Macro Photography Updated
All too often when we go diving we tend to look for the Big Picture, be it a wreck, a school of fish or just some beautiful corals. We overlook the tiny, beautiful and strange animals that live in the sea, the world of Macro. It's a whole new world called Muck Diving. Let me show you some of the critters living there. I've added some new critters to the presentation like a Blue Ringed Octopus (beautiful but deadly), a Flat Worm Flounder, full grown it measures two inches in length. A female Manta Shrimp caring for it's eggs and much more.

Air Jaws
I'm sure you all have heard of Air Jordan, now come meet Sough Africa's marine answer to Michael Jordan. The High Flying, Slam Dunking, GREAT WHITES of South Africa. Watch as a two ton, fifteen foot Great White attacks a seal decoy and comes clear out of the water. Awesome, spectacular is the only way to describe it.

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Robert Kurson
Robert Kurson earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin, then a law degree from Harvard Law School. He practiced real estate law, but quit to pursue a writing career. To make ends meet, he worked full time as a drapery and window blinds installer, then as a Wal-Mart options trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He is currently a contributing editor for Esquire magazine. His stories have also appeared in Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, and other publications. He has just released his forthcoming book, "Shadow Divers".

In the tradition of Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air and Sebastian Junger's The Perfect Storm comes a true tale of riveting adventure in which two weekend scuba divers risk everything to solve a great historical mystery - and make history themselves.

For men like John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, deep wreck diving was more than a sport. It was an addiction. Testing themselves against treacherous currents, braving depths that induced hallucinatory narcosis, navigating through wreckage as perilous as a minefield, they pushed themselves to their limits and beyond, brushing against their own deaths more than once in the rusting hulks of sunken ships.

But in the fall of 1991, not even these courageous divers were prepared for what lay two hundred and thirty feet below the frigid Atlantic waters sixty miles off the coast of New Jersey: a German U-boat, its ruined interior a macabre wasteland of twisted metal, tangled wires, and human bones-all buried under decades of accumulated sediment.

No identifying marks were visible on the submarine or the few artifacts brought to the surface. No historian, expert, or government had a clue which U-boat the men had found. In fact, the official records all agreed that there simply could not be a sunken U-boat and crew at that location.

Over the next six years, an elite team of divers embarked on a quest to solve the mystery. Some of them would not live to see its end. Chatterton and Kohler, bitter rivals, would be drawn into a friendship that deepened to an almost mystical sense of brotherhood with the drowned U-boat sailors, former enemies of their country. As the men's marriages frayed under the pressure of a shared obsession, their dives grew more daring, and each realized that he was hunting more than the identities of a lost U-boat and its nameless crew. Each was hunting the hidden core of himself, a defining moment.

Author Robert Kurson's account of this quest is at once thrilling and emotionally complex, and written with a vivid sense of what divers actually experience in the throes of danger. The story of Shadow Divers often seems too amazing to be true, but it all happened, 230 feet down, in the deep blue sea.

Robert Kurson can be reached via the Internet at

The U-869 Hitler’s Lost Sub
Robert will be discussing his forthcoming book, "Shadow Divers," to be published in June by Random House. "Shadow Divers" is the true adventure of John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, two deep wreck divers who discovered a German U-boat off the New Jersey coast, risked everything to solve a great historical mystery, and made history themselves. He will also discuss the process of working with these two extraordinary divers, and of learning about a culture of immensely brave men devoted to exploring places and things nature forbids. John Chatterton and Richie Kohler will be joining Robert Kurson for the program, and will be taking questions from the audience.

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Andrew Martinez
For more than 30 years, Andrew Martinez has been diving in New England waters. His work has been published in most nature, travel, and dive magazines in this country and in many other countries. He has led Marine Biology or travel groups to the Galapagos Islands, Cayman Islands, and the Bay Islands of Honduras and is currently leading trips for Underwater Photo Tech. His photos are used in books or displays in many of the country's aquaria. His book Marine Life of the North Atlantic is considered the best guide to this region and is on sale at Aqua Quest in the exhibit area. He teaches underwater photography in Under Sea Divers in Beverly, MA Macro Photography In St. Vincent St. Vincent, a small island in the southeastern Caribbean, is home too much marine life that is often felt to be uncommon or rare. Martinez has traveled here for the last three years to photograph in this macro photography paradise. This presentation will show you why St. Vincent is known as the New Guinea of the Caribbean.

The Marvelous Marine Life Of New England
Join author and photographer of North Atlantic's most popular field guide, Marine Life of the North Atlantic, on an armchair tour of the fascinating creatures of this region...from Torpedo Rays and Goosefish to tiny Spiny Lump suckers and Badge stars. The Northwestern Atlantic is a region full of color and variety.

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Sir Robert F. Marx
Sir Robert Marx's 45 years of accomplishments are many. He was the leader, advisor/consultant in over 79 incredible explorations, expeditions and recoveries that found 484 wrecks in over 60 countries. This is documented in 700 scientific reports. He counts among his finest accomplishments the finding of two of Columbus' ships in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica that were lost during the fourth voyage. He also found Magellan's ship Trinidad, lost in 1522 off the island of Borneo. His latest find was that of a 12th century BC Phoenician ship off Majorca.

They were the richest and largest ships to sail the high seas during the Colonial Period; sailing between Acapulco, Mexico and Manila, Philippines and back carrying enormous amounts of treasure and exotic goods both ways. Marx will narrate the history of this topic and then cover his finding and excavating many of them in the Philippines, Guam, and California.

The recent hit movie 'PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN' is about piracy at Port Royal in Jamaica and a sequel is already in the works. Port Royal was known as the "Sodom and Gomorra" of the West Indies as it was the main pirate base in the entire world. It was also the richest city in the Western Hemisphere when it sank into the sea during an earthquake in 1692. Marx conducted a four-year excavation of this site - considered the most important in the Western Hemisphere - and his lecture will deal with the history of Port Royal and his incredible successful excavation of the site.

The Portuguese started it with their discovery of the Indian Ocean and the Dutch, British, French, Swedish and Danes soon followed them. Each year throughout the Colonial Period hundreds of East Indiamen of these nations sailed from Europe with large amounts of gold and silver to buy the exotic goods of the Orient such as silk, spices, porcelain and exquisite objects made out of gold, silver, jade, ivory and ebony wood. Over the centuries several thousand of these ships were loss between Europe and the Orient and Marx will cover dozens that he and others have discovered and excavated.

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Tom Mount
Tom Mount is the CEO of IAND, Inc./IANTD; the first certification agency to offer a full array of Nitrox, mixed gas and technical diving programs. To first started diving in 1958 in the USN as an EOD diver. Even now he continues to log an average of over 300 dives annually. He has contributed over 400 articles to magazines and technical diving publications throughout the world.

This presentation will go into problems associated with deeper dives and show which tools are best in the various depths being dived today. It will go over equipment and some configuration issues, dwell on the various decompression models used for deeper diving and introduce the term intuitive decompression for those diving beyond 400 feet. This is complete overview of this facet of diving.

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Kevin F. McMurray
Author Kevin McMurray has been diving since 1968. His articles on diving have appeared in such publications as Skin Diver, Underwater USA, Sport Diver, The New York Times, Men's Journal, Outside, Cigar Aficionado. His book Deep Descent: Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria, chronicled the history of diving the wreck and his own experiences there. His second book, Dark Descent: The Empress of Ireland Story continues the genre of diving famous shipwrecks.

The Empress Of Ireland
A power point presentation on the Canadian Pacific Railroad ocean liner, Empress of Ireland, that sank under tragic circumstances in 1914. Kevin through archival photos and recent underwater shots will tell the history of the ship, her catastrophic sinking, and diving conditions on the wreck.

Return To The Empress Of Ireland
Filmmaker Dan Crowell and author Kevin McMurray will show a film on Ronni Gilligan's return to the Empress of Ireland. Ronni Gilligan was the first woman to dive the Empress in 1968 and was part of a Canadian/American team that first penetrated the wreck. Her 2003 dive on the Empress was a homecoming 33 years in the making, which made national news in Canada.

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Steve Nagiewicz
Captain Steve Nagiewicz is the owner & operator of the dive boat Diversion II located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. He owns the web site, which was the first Internet resource for New Jersey shipwreck diving. Nagiewicz has been scuba diving for more than 25 years with over 4000 sport, technical, and commercial dives. An acknowledged authority on shipwrecks, Capt Steve has written many articles about shipwrecks for the diving industry as well as many national newspapers and magazines and lectured throughout the country for private groups, diving symposiums and shows. He has been featured on television, magazines and newspapers for his expertise on diving, shipwrecks and the local ocean issues. Nagiewicz is Fellow of the Explorers Club and the Royal Geographic Society. He currently manages the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory for the State of New Jersey at Sandy Hook.

Identifying The Emerald Wreck.
The EMERALD was a coastal steamship, which sank by accident in the 1870's. She carried a varied cargo of what used to be called "Dry Goods". The presentation will cover some of the many artifacts found as well as simple tips on finding them, preserving and then displaying them. Learn how this popular and oft dived shipwreck was identified by her artifacts as the Steamship; FRANCES WRIGHT. She was once a former Civil War Blockade Runner.

Building Artificial Reefs Off The New Jersey Coast
They're over 14 artificial reef sites along the New Jersey Coast. Discover the many different types of shipwrecks and materials that are used to build these reefs. They contain over 110 wrecks from the USS Algol to the Redbird Subway Cars. In this multimedia presentation we discuss the importance of the reefs, some of the controversy involved and what's involved with obtaining, cleaning and sinking these shipwrecks.

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Captain Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer is an avid shipwreck diver, videographer and historical enthusiast. With more than 25 years experience running a charter boat, Bill has pioneered the sport of wreck diving in Rhode Island. He has also been producing historical videos. Twelve sets are available and more are to come from this seasoned diver. You can see Bill's work on several TV channels.

Granda: An Island Paradise And The Wreck Of The Bianca Sea
The Island of Granada is known for its spices the predominant one being nutmeg. Also known or it's ruin and above all else, it's warm, friendly inhabitance. The magnet that attracts the divers is the wreck of the Bianca Sea. An Italian luxury liner that sank in the 1960 just outside the harbor. Today she rests in 160 ft of crystal clear water.

Diving With Blue Sharks
A humorous look at diving and fishing for sharks of the coast of Rhode Island, starting in the early 1960's when Frank Mundis fed Great White Sharks chocolate chip cookies from the back of a dead whale to the present day.

Fatal Mistake
The story of the U-352. Introduced in 1940 the U-352 was a type 7-C U-boat. Its 45-man crew was commanded by Captain Leutnant Hellmut Rathke. Her intended victim sank her 26 miles from Beufort, N.C. She rests in 115 ft of water.

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Michael Salvarezza & Christopher P. Weaver
Michael Salvarezza and Christopher Weaver have been diving the waters of Long Island and the world since 1978. In that time, they have spent hundreds of hours underwater and have accumulated a large and varied library of photographic images. They have presented their work in hundreds of multi-media slide presentations, appeared previously at Beneath the Sea and the Boston Sea Rovers Underwater Clinic and have been published in such magazines as Skin Diver, Sport Diver, Asian Diver, Diver, Advanced Diver Magazine, Sport Diving Magazine, Dive Journal, World War II, Immersed and Lighthouse Digest.

Caribbean Journeys
Like a jeweled necklace, the islands of the Caribbean stretch across some of the most beautiful waters in the world. Divers can find fantastic adventures in every corner of this paradise. Join Eco-Photo Explorers in this fast paced tour of the Caribbean, visiting such island paradises as the Turks and Caicos Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Eustatius, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. Each island has its own charm and natural beauty, and beyond the sun splashed beaches lay colorful coral reefs bathed in warm, clear tropical waters. Come experience the island gems that make up the Caribbean.

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Steffan Schulz
Steffan is an honors graduate from the television/film department at San Jose State University. As a producer / director, Steffan's work has been featured on PBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN and MTV as well as a number of international markets. In the last 5 years, he has collected over 40 national and international awards including a spot in A/V Video Multimedia Magazines "Top 100 Producers of 1999". With a diverse background including radio broadcast, music production, documentary and film, Steffan is comfortable in any environment with any set of obstacles. For the last 4 years, he has been producing a series on scuba travel entitled Destination Diving. International broadcast began in 2003. Along with dive related topics, this unique series focuses on cultural and historical aspects as well as environmental concerns facing our oceans today. Currently he is developing a number of televisions series to begin production in 2004.

Lake Mead's Lost Bomber
Synopsis: In 1948, a B-29 Superfortress Bomber was on a mission over Nevada. The crew was forced to ditch when a low altitude run over Lake Mead went seriously wrong. For 50 years the location of the bomber was a mystery. We'll examine the search process, discovery and visual imagery brought up from the depths. We'll feature exclusive footage of the first dive team to visit the wreck since its crash.

Extreme Environments - Underwater Television Production
Synopsis: From the arctic waters of the North Pole, to the frigid fjords of Norway and a World War II German Bomber, to the fastest tidal currents in the world in British Columbia, we'll venture into some strange environments and see some overwhelming sights. Join the crew of the Destination Diving Television Series while we take the camera through white water rapids in the Colorado River and down waterfalls in Fiji and many other extreme environments. In this workshop, we'll take you behind the scenes in the making of a television series.

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Herb & Veronica Segars
Herb & Veronica Segars specialize in nature, wildlife, scenic, and travel / tourism photography / videography. Together, they have spent countless hours viewing, photographing and publicizing the local shipwrecks and marine life. Their travels have taken them from Maine to Florida and throughout the Caribbean. Herb has written more than seventy magazine articles and has had more than 1500 photos published. Their newest ventures are digital still photography and videography.

Shipwrecks, Artificial Reefs And Marine Life Of New Jersey
The bottom terrain off New Jersey is flat and sandy, very much like a desert. As a desert needs an oasis to sustain life, New Jersey needs shipwrecks, artificial reefs and rock piles to provide the building blocks for underwater communities where invertebrates can find a foothold and fish can find food and safe havens from predators. See all this and more in a power packed PowerPoint presentation with a special animated twist.

Manatee Magic
Find out where and when to see West Indian manatees, how to initiate an encounter and the dos and don'ts of the manatee experience. See the manatee's world through the eyes of Herb and Veronica Segars. You will see manatee's nursing, feeding, scratching, interacting with people and providing food for other marine species. Add to this the beauty of Crystal River, FL and a unique dolphin feeding display and this presentation is a must see.

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Jim & Pat Stayer
Jim & Pat have shared their love for diving for the past 28 years. The Stayers along with their good friend Tim Juhl have discovered and documented several shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. From these adventures the trio has authored 2 books and produced over a dozen videos. Their work has appeared on all major commercial networks. For the last decade they have enjoyed presenting at many of the major dive shows throughout the country. Jim is a licensed U.S.C.G. Captain and together, the Stayers run a dive charter boat in the Great Lakes.

Yap... More Than Mantas And Mandarins
Yap this small Pacific island just north of the equator has long been know as a popular destination for Manta Rays. More recently, it has become a premiere destination for colorful mandarin fish. But if you think that manta rays and mandarin fish is all that yap has to offer than you are missing some of the best diving in the pacific. Yaps crystal clear water is the home of vibrant corals, 3 varieties of lionfish and photogenetic reef fish. But if large fish are your passion you will be impressed with the sharks, dolphins, and huge pacific barracudas.

Death & Destruction ...Hurricane Hits The Great Lakes
This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Great Storm of 1913. This storm, with its hurricane force winds, has been called the most destructive storm to ever strike the Great Lakes. In Lake Huron alone, eight large steel ships were lost with all hands during a 16-hour period. Join Out of the Blue Dive Team as they share the history of the storm and new video of many of her victims.

Hammerheads Of Coco Island
Take a journey with Jim & Pat Stayer as they leave Costa Rica and travel 36 hours across an open ocean to Coco Island. Off the shore of this remote tropical island exists one of the largest populations of hammerhead sharks in the world. Join them as they dive among huge schools of these sharks, cruise with sea turtles, and have the rare opportunity to swim with a whale shark.

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Larry & Denise Tackett
Larry and Denise are full-time natural history photojournalists specializing in marine-related subjects. They have traveled and dived throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Their work is widely published internationally and they have three stock agencies that represent their imagery. Of primary interest to them is observing and recording the behavior of unique and rare marine life. Their book "Reef Life - The Natural History of Reef Fishes and Invertebrates" was recently published and is available at the show.

Muck, Muck, Glorious Muck!
Join us for a photographic celebration of what has become known as the world's muck diving paradise. Located at the northeastern tip of Indonesia's Sulawesi Island, Lembeh Strait is home to unusual and rarely seen marine life. It is remarkable for its variety of unique critters and the ease with which you can observe their behavior. There is no other place like this for those that want to get into the muck and find incredible marine life!

Wakatobi - Wow !!!
Wakatobi National Park, in the remote islands of southeast Sulawesi, is one of Indonesia's gems. Surrounded by the Banda and Flores Seas, Wakatobi has exceptionally beautiful and healthy coral reefs populated by an assortment of marine life that ranges from diminutive pygmy seahorses to mega-sized whale sharks and everything in between. Join us for a glimpse of this colorful and diverse little corner of the world - one of the world's best kept diving secrets!

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Donald Tipton
Began his professional photographic career in 1982 and has worked in commercial and advertising photography since that time. He makes his home in Columbus, GA with his wife, Angelyn and children, Jonathan, Andrew, and Katherine. His education in music and art have augmented his pursuit of photographic excellence. In 1987 D. Tipton obtained his basic open water rating through NASDS. He continued his studies in diving obtaining his NASDS instructors rating in 1989. Photography has been an essential component of Tipton's diving from the beginning . His work is a celebration of color, texture, and form that few people will ever experience firsthand. While Donald is a marine photographer it is also essential to show the wildlife in their habitats. He attempts to show beaches, marshes, intercostals waterways, and other wildlife environments in ways that we often overlook. While many photographers work only with color images, Donald works with both black and white and color images. He feels that sometimes a subject matter will be stronger when you remove the colors and have the viewer only concentrate on the subject. Donald works extensively with marine mammals and other oceanic animals that are very difficult to approach. For this reason, he makes use of Drager rebreathers in most of his shoots. His work regularly appears in magazines such as Dive, Unterwasser, Fathoms, advertisements, and art galleries. His new book Upon the face of the Waters is Donald's vision.

Perfect Pictures Every Time!
Learn the secrets of capturing the perfect underwater photograph in any situation. Great for beginners and advanced photographers, this seminar concentrates on the equipment and techniques necessary to do so. Learn which lens works best for each situation, black and white film vs. color film, lighting, composition and special effects from a veteran underwater professional.

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Peter Venoutsos
Peter Venoutsos has been a certified scuba diver since 1976 and a certified commercial diver since 1983. He has worked for private underwater engineering firms, the federal government, and the United States Navy. He is an active member of the Connecticut Underwater Archeology Committee. He has had articles published on underwater photography and teaches underwater photography to students. His interests include shipwreck and cave diving.

Ask the Pros
A question and answer seminar for the Underwater Photographer. We have assembled a group of professional that will be available to answer your questions. Learn some of the techniques that the pros use. It does not matter if you use film of digital there will be something for everyone.

Diving with Wolves
Just one month after Pearl Harbor a fierce battle for control of the eastern seaboard was underway. German U - Boats were responsible for the sinking of over 400 ships in a six-month period. Hear this fascinating story and visit some of their final resting places.

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