SCUBA TRAINING 2004 - Class Schedule

27-Feb 1 Registration-Introduction Water Test / Skin Diving
5-Mar 2 Equipment / Skin / SCUBA Sking Diving / Intro To Buoyancy
12-Mar 3 Physics Intro To SCUBA / Swimming Horizontal / Free Ascent
19-Mar 4 Physioigy SCUBA Skills (review) Free Ascent (horizontal) Intro To Buoyancy SCUBA & Buddy, Breathing
2-Apr 5 First Aid / Diver Stress SCUBA Skills (review) Remove & Replace SCUBA Shallow & Deep End of Pool
16-Apr 6 Dive Theory SCUBA Skills (review all) Buddy Breathing
23-Apr 7 Dive Tables SCUBA Skills (review all) Entries
30-Apr 8 Environment SCUBA Skills (review all) Dive Rescue
7-May 9 Dive Planning / Boat & Beach Diving SCUBA Skills (review all) Buoyancy
14-May 10 Review SCUBA Skills (review all) Bailout
21-May 11 Review All SCUBA Skills Review
4-Jun 12 Final Written Test All SCUBA Skills Review
11-Jun 13 Review Written Test Open Water Prep
12-Jun Open Water Dives
13-Jun Open Water Dives

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