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Download clips of these hot records by the C.B.C. Below is just a smaple of the full set played at each show.

If you want a copy of any of the full shows or if you want the full length version of any song, contact us at Remember, the list below may not have been the full set for that night. The full show CD contains more.

Pitz Stop
- Forgot About Dre DL
- Ignition DL
- Regulators DL
Munchaba Lounge
- Straight Outta Compton DL
- Gangsta's Paradise DL
Acme Underground
- Somtimes I Rhyme Slow DL
- Good Day DL
- H to the Izzo DL
Matteo's Baby Shower - Knights of Columbus
(full tracks)
(stream full set or download individual tracks below)
- This is How We Do It DL
- Ignition (Remix) DL
- Gangsta's Paradise DL
- King of the Dance Hall (special thanks to Cume Currect) DL
- Like Glue (special thanks to Cume Currect) DL
- Ride wit Me DL
- Regulators DL
- Iesha DL
- Poison DL
- Motownphilly DL
- Just a Friend DL